Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Harold Maslow has a big role in the development about how the needs of human. He told more about it in his popular theory called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. He discovers that human have unlimited desire which is divided in some levels which is important in some majors. That is why it is possible if then his theory still available in this era.

Maslow quotes shows that there are five levels of human needs which is united in a triangle shape of diagram. The lowest need is the basic that is about basic need such as clothes for their body, food for their health, and also house for their shelter. Of course, because it is put on the lowest level, it is easier to get than the other levels. In the next level, human need a comfort feeling which can make them free from any disturbing moment. Moreover, human also need friends and love which each others. The last they need a field to their interest, their desire, which is represent their talent. Economic and psychology use this theory to make it stronger. The higher desire of needs from somebody will affect his economic and also his psychology side.